Quick Start Guide

This guide describes how to quickly get started with using the pipeline.

Start Shotgun Desktop

Technical Directors or developers in your class should have taken care of the installation of Shotgun Desktop. This program will launch your programs inside a pipeline environment in which you can load your tasks, assets, shots etc.

Shotgun Desktop can be launched by typing Shotgun in your Windows search bar:


When starting Shotgun Desktop for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a login prompt:



Fourth and third years should be using https://nfa.shotgunstudio.com as their main task management! https://nfa2.shotgunstudio.com is meant for testing and second years.

Fill out the login info provided by your coordinator or supervisor and you’ll be greeted with all projects you are assigned to:


You may need to start up Shotgun Desktop again here as it sometimes bugs out after clicking sign in.


Launching DCC’s

Double click the project you want to work on and the pipeline configuration will automatically be downloaded. Here you should see all the installed software that are configured with the pipeline. Double click any package you would like to use and the pipeline does the rest.


ZBrush is currently not supported in the pipeline due to a lack of a Python API.


Section author: Bo Kamphues