Project Setup

Section author: Bo Kamphues

This page guides you through the process of setting up projects within the current pipeline.

New Project

When a new project is created on Shotgun it is not automatically configured for use within the pipeline. To setup a project to work with the Shotgun Desktop pipeline, first, add the project to Shotgun.

You will now see the project in the Shotgun Desktop project manager.


You need to be assigned to the project you want to setup, otherwise it will not show up in Shotgun Desktop.


All non-archived projects which you are assigned to are automatically shown in Shotgun Desktop.

Double click the project you’d like to setup and click your profile icon -> Advanced Project Setup.


You’ll be taken to a wizard that allows you to setup the project pipeline configuration. The type of configuration needs to be Git.


After choosing Git as your configuration type you’ll be greeted with a link box. The link to our current Shotgun Configuration is This is also the repository where most of the pipeline development takes place.


Next you’ll need a place to store the project. You can either select an already created storage location or create a new one.


Next you’ll need to assign a computer-friendly name for the project. This should always be lowercase and include no spaces or special characters.


The last step before the project is correctly setup is to choose between a distributed or centralized setup. You should choose distributed here as it will download the configuration on every individual artist PC. This is a lot faster than a centralized system where the configuration will be stored on the server itself.


Do not choose centralized as your configuration deployment!


Click run setup and everything should be good to go!

Updating Projects

If you already have a project setup correctly, but there’s been a pipeline update, you’ll need to re-setup your project.

First, go to the Shotgun project page in your browser and make sure the tank_name field is not hidden.


Delete the content inside the tank_name field and jump to the Pipeline Configurations page of the project.


Delete all entities of pipeline configurations and go through the steps described in New Project.